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Proposal Quality Assessment (Review)
Are You Carrying the Same Mistakes From Proposal to Proposal? Change That With a Proposal Assessment.
Winners leave nothing to chance; they win with diligent preparation, aggressive pricing, and persuasive technical offers.
Your proposals should convey your competitive advantage. Their quality matters, whether you are bidding in a Best Value competition or a Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) scenario.
Unfortunately, many companies operate in the dark, submitting proposals that won’t win awards. Your proposals may fall short by being difficult to evaluate, non-compliant,, and uncompelling.
Are you failing to realize your company’s full winning potential, and losing millions of dollars to your competitors?
Bad proposal habits are pervasive in the government contractor community. According on an Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) survey, less than 15% of business development professionals have had proposal training or experienced working in a premier proposal organization.
How can they win when they’ve never had a chance to see what quality proposals look like?

Maybe you have seen a larger teammates’ winning proposals. However, you can’t be sure why those proposals won. Many factors other than proposal quality may have led to your teammate winning.
You can’t fix poor proposal habits when they’re hidden by this type of circumstance. You must proactively review your products, processes, and proposals for improvement opportunities.
Proposal Assessments Overcome this Challenge
Find out how good your proposals are and how competitive they make you in the government market. Hear an expert’s perspective on how your proposals compare to the current industry best practices. We will review two of your technical proposals under 100 pages each to measure how they stack against the critical characteristics that contribute to a higher win probability.
  • Organization for ease of proposal evaluation and maximum score
  •  Effective content presentation through text, graphics, charts, tables, and other proposal elements 
  • Proposal persuasiveness 
  •  Use of proper language and voice
  •  Visual appearance
  •  Accuracy
We will document our findings in a written report and present it to you and your team in a feedback session. It will cover strengths (what you are already doing right) and opportunities for improvement (areas where you could be more competitive). You will know exactly what to fix in your proposals, and how to go about it.
The Benefits this Proposal Assessment (Review) Gives You
After our experts review your proposals, you and your team will:
  •  Gain an outside perspective and learn how your proposals compare to best practices. These practices and processes were learned and formulated by experts that have supported the top 5 government contractors in competitive proposal development.
  • Hear from experts who stay on the edge of proposal development through board memberships and event participation in the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) and other associations. They teach advanced courses on the subject.
  • Stop repeating mistakes that reduce your win probability and cost you millions of dollars.
  • Get company-specific, targeted, and actionable recommendations on how to improve your win probability through proposal quality.

 “The proposal assessment was highly useful for us. Olessia gave us clear feedback about what we did well with our proposals and what we could improve. Normally with group proposal trainings, I feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of   things we should be doing that there is no way our small agency could actually do—at the end of meeting with Olessia for this   assessment, by contrast, I felt confident that we could implement the input we received and bring our proposals up to the next level. Very appreciative—thank you for doing this.”
                                                                                            Eva Gillespie-Larsen
Senior Proposal Writer, New Dawn Technologies
Frequently Asked Questions about our Proposals Reviews
How do we choose which proposals to provide for review?
We recommend that you select two proposals you believe to be your best. We would like to give you information and insights to help make your best proposals even better.

Can you review proposals that we are currently writing, as opposed to proposals we have already submitted?
Yes – we can, and do it often, although not as part of this review. This assessment’s outputs are different from those in a live “color” proposal review, as the assessment seeks to accomplish different goals. This assessment’s aim is to raise your win probability on all proposals, whereas a typical Pink or Red team is geared to helping you win that specific proposal – and it has different outputs. If you would like us to review a proposal you are preparing right now, please contact us at or 301-384-3350, and we will assign an expert reviewer.

We have never worked with external consulting companies and are concerned about entrusting our proprietary proposal information to others. How can we be confident our proposal information stays confidential?
We are a professional consulting company in business since 2005, and we have had zero information breaches. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you; we only work with professionals; and abide by the proposal professionals’ code of ethics where we don’t share any of our clients’ information with other clients. We only bring our rich experience to the table. We will not share your information with anyone else – this is why the biggest names in the industry trust us with their highly competitive bids.

The Bid & Proposals money is tight, why should we invest in reviewing already submitted proposals? 
This assessment will help you raise your win probably and will pay for itself with the first proposal you win having implemented all the recommendations.

Your Investment in the Proposals Assessment (Review)
To order your proposals assessment use the Order Now button. You can choose one proposal for $2,695 or two for $4,995. We can also send you an invoice.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or 301-384-3350.

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