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Using a Bid-No-Bid Decision Framework
To Identify Opportunities Worth Pursuing and Avoid Risky Gambles
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Capture Management process!
Chasing too many opportunities? Or not enough to keep winning and growing?
We have developed just the toolset to give you the answers. By applying the right metrics to your proposal team’s efforts, you’ll be able to manage limited resources better — and apply them to the opportunities you’re most likely to get.
We can show you with measurable results how to improve your capture and BD processes so you’re not wasting your time, energy, and money.
Our experience-tested Bid-No-Bid Decision Framework will help sharpen your processes. With this toolset we’ll show you how to calculate exactly how many opportunities per month you need to identify and qualify. And the answers won’t be generic. With our calculator, you’ll be able to determine exactly how many opportunities you’ll need to bid and win to keep your company growing.
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